Judith Wright
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Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Les Brown
and Dr. Larry Dossey agree...

The difference
between a
good life and
a great life is
One Decision

...and they urge you to read
Judith Wright's new book,
The One Decision, to show you
how to make that decision.

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There is one simple, yet powerful decision that will give you:
Success and fulfillment in all areas of your life—
work, relationships, wellness, spirituality
A sense of destiny and fulfillment that will be
your guiding beacon day in and day out
The opportunity to reflect on your life and know that
you have left your mark—a legacy to be proud of

What I am about to tell you could positively transform your life. After years of working with people in fulfilling their dreams I've found that there is one key element that is common and essential for people who live great lives in every aspect—people who have wealth, are in great physical shape, have loving relationships, meaningful careers, and who contribute significantly to their community. These people have made what I call a One Decision.
This truth is so profound that it has transformed my life and the lives of those I have coached and today I would like to help you discover the power and the possibilities this decision has for your life.
“It's simple—and life changing. The One Decision is right! I love the fact that an entire book is dedicated to this profound truth, so "obvious" that it is more often than not ignored.”
-Tom Peters, author of the New York Times bestsellers
In Search of Excellence and Thriving on Chaos
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Discovery of The One Decision
The One Decision was originally a chapter in my book on overcoming soft addictions. I first discovered the One Decision in working with people to maximize the success of their lives by cutting these time wasters out and living better lives. I discovered as my work progressed that the One Decision was really the key differentiator in the lives of those who live really great lives in every aspect of their lives. It works for everyone from housewives to CEOs, even couples. I have been introducing people to the One Decision for over 15 years and I believe that the divorce rate of couples making their One Decision together is well under 4%.
Exponential effects
People from all walks of life are discovering the power of the One Decision in dramatically different ways. My husband Bob gave an advanced copy of the book to a CEO he is coaching and he sent an email from vacation saying, "I just read the chapter on The Truth, and I experienced ... quantum leaps!" This is the head of a very successful financial firm whose business is finding and making good deals. He has a great marriage, wonderful children, and is in a position to donate millions of dollars to the charities of his choice.
A single woman I work with made a One Decision and she not only began to effortlessly take off extra weight she had been carrying for years with every diet imaginable, she also reported that she was having deeper relationships at the same time.
What all of these people have in common is that they have discovered their One Decisions and that decision is causing them to consistently make better choices in every aspect of their lives.
The One Decision is a term I coined but it is nothing new. What is new is that I have discovered ways for people to make their One Decision. Most people are familiar with One Decisions that people make in the face of death and loss. For example, Lance Armstrong was faced with death by cancer and he made a One Decision to do more than survive, he decided to "live strong" and this led to his reforming his body and winning seven Tour de France races, arguably, the most grueling competition.
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Judith S Wright
PS - The One Decision is not just for the chosen few. It is for you. Today, I invite you to make one simple yet powerful decision that will positively transform the quality of your life, for the better, forever.

“Most people sleepwalk through life without a clearly defined direction and purpose. Judith Wright has helped thousands break the spell and awaken to a life of zest and fulfilllment. In THE ONE DECISION, she shows how.”
- Larry Dossey, MD, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things
“Judith Wright asks an important question. Do you really want a great life or a good enough life? If you want a great life, this book is for you—and it might just transform your life forever.”
- Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., author, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules

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“Have you read a lot of useful books but not found the one that really puts you over the top? This one will show you what's been missing. Judith Wright's The One Decision is inspirational and practical, visionary and down-to-earth. Don't miss it.”
- Les Brown, inspirational speaker and author of Live Your Dreams
The One Decision is part inspiration, part motivation, and part wake-up call. This book embodies a powerful opportunity for each of us if we're willing to embrace the greater MORE in life that is right in front of us at all times. Judith's stories of real-life examples remind us that MORE is not just for the lucky few, but for all of us. Judith, and her book, are definitely the real thing.
- Sonia Choquette, best selling author of Your Heart's Desire and Trust Your Vibes
“Judith Wright writes with a clarity, compassion, and wisdom born of decades of deep inner experience and an unwavering commitment to serve others. In our time of chaos and menace, nothing is more important for us all than to learn how to sustain a passionate commitment to living out our deepest truths; the transformation of the earth we all long for cannot come about in any other way. For those hungry to find God and help the world, this superb book will be a beacon, a challenge, an invitation, and a feast of inspiration.”
- Andrew Harvey, author of The Direct Path, Son of Man, and The Way of Passion